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Archdiocese KL Synod on Synodality

Journeying Together.....

PASTORAL PRIORITIES.... synodal process

In 2014,  Archbishop Julian Leow said that he would focus on the 4Ls as his Pastoral Priorities, termed as the LOST, the LAST, the LEAST, and the LITTLE. It is amazing to see how these Pastoral Priorities have resonated with Pope Francis's intention for the synodal process where we are asked to personally reach out to the peripheries - to those who experience poverty or marginalization, refugees, the excluded, the voiceless, etc. The heart of the synodal experience is listening to God through listening to one another, inspired by the Word of God. We listen to each other to better hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking in our world today.


17th October 2021


I. Companion on the Journey

II. Listening

III. Speaking Out

IV. Celebration

V. Sharing Responsibility for our Common Mission

VI. Authority & Participation

VII. Discerning & Deciding

VIII. Forming Ourselves in Synodality

IX. Dialoguing in Church & Society 

X. Ecumenism

For those who are not able to participate in their diocese Synod process, but have something to share directly to our Bishops Conference or even to the Synod office at Vatican, they can do so at:

Executive Secretary: [email protected]

Vatican, Synod matters: [email protected]


Synod Secretariat

Advisors: Archbishop Julian Leow
   : Msgr. Mitchel Joseph


Diocesan Contact Person: Rita Krishnan

District Reps

KL CentralKevin Chung012-3113287
KL NorthFrancis Wong019-2701438
KL SouthLucas Tan012-2925939
North WestPathinathan012-6968260
PetalingRita Krishnan0193894419
KlangSpencer Klumai016-2238503
NegeriWalter Victor016-3387466
Pahang & KTRita Krishnan019-3894419